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The tenth anniversary of restructuring and new office building housewarming celebration

On November 28, 2013, Changzhou Elevator Factory Co., Ltd., a national brand enterprise with 40-year history, like a rising star giving out youthful glow, ushered the red-letter day of the tenth anniversary of restructuring. Looking back into the past, the company highlights achievements through hardships; looking forward into the future, the company will forge ahead and create greater glories. In this land full of ideals, the entrepreneurship movement flies; in the sweat watered field, the new plant stands. Today, all the leaders, guests and staff invited to attend the celebration, gather here to witness the achievements of the tenth anniversary of restructuring and share the joy of celebration.

To this end the company arranged a series of celebration activities, such as girls band play, bubble show interactive performances, special play of the branch and so on.

Plant layout

Staff to attend the celebration

Speech by chairman

Zouqu Town Chief Ding Xianzhong delivered a speech.

Colorful live show - Girls band play

Colorful live show - Bubble show

Vertical banners donated by suppliers and customers

Jiangxi Branch played "Sister Ling from the Heaven”.

Posed for pictures with Indonesian investors
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